Why Was Yella Beezy Arrested? Rapper Yella Beezy Arrested Again on Felony $exual Assault Charges

A piece of shocking news has been coming into the headlines about a famous rapper Yella Beez who has been arresed recently for sexual harassment charges. As we all know that Yella Beezy is one of the most popular and established rappers. He has a huge fan base around the world. After his arrest news, all his fans are so worried for him and are praying for his well-being. Also, people have been searching to know what exactly happened to him and why was he arrested? In this article, we are going to give you all details about the rapper and his arrest news. Keep Visiting Grabuptrends.com

why was yella beezy arrested

As per the exclusive reports, 30 years old rapper, Yella Bezzy got arrested on Thursday in relation to a 2021 sexual assault charges. The rapper was arrested by the Collin County, Texas Sheriff’s office just a day after an arrest warrant was issued by the judge for him, citing “bond held insufficient”. Currently, he is being kept on $1 million bond. The news of his arrest came after six months that he got arrested on several criminal charges including sexual harassment, along with and also leaving or putting a child in danger.

Why Was Yella Beezy Arrested?

He has also been booked with illegaly carrying a weapon, which comes under the manner of misconduct. Soon after the arrest that was made in November, it was claimed that the rapper was accused by a woman of raping her in the course of a date in April 2021. After his arrest, all his fans are getting restless and continuously reacting on social media. While other people have been criticizing him for his action and also calling him a rapist. People have been asking to give him a strict punishment.

After seeing the stir on social media, the rapper took to social media and wrote that he is not a rapist and and hasn’t done anything. He has refused to all allegation completely. While the investigation is still ongoing. Talking about the rapper, Yella Beezy whose real name is Markies Deandre Conway is an American rapper from Dallas, Texas.

Who Is Yella Beezy?

He is famously known for his some hit singles including Up One, Bacc At It Again, That’s On Me, and Goin Through Some Thangs. He is currently 30 years old. He was bought up in the Oak Cliff neighborhood of Dallas, TX. Currently, he is under police custody. If we will get more information about the rapper’s arrest, we will surely let you know till then stay tuned with us for more updates.


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