Who Was Tristyn Bailey? 14-Year-Old Ukrainian Girl Killed Video Goes Viral on YouTube and Reddit

There is news coming out from Ukraine that a 14-year-old Ukrainian girl has been passed away because she was hit by a Russian missile. That video is now gone viral on the social media and the people’s who have seen that video were now criticising the Russian government and their present vlandmir Putin. Many peoples were posting the pic of that girl in their social media accounts and they were mentioning on the caption that “what was tha fault of that innocent girl in this war” her family and close one’s are also sad after her death it is really a heartbreaking situation for her parents. Only they can know what is the pain of loosing a child. Keep Visiting Grabuptrends.Com

14-Year-Old Ukrainian Girl Killed Full Video Twitter

There is one more bad news coming from Ukrainian and that is “15 childrens were also died till now and one student who was on his way to kyiv has been also assualted with his family by the Russian soldiers. This war is now taking Europe towards crises that were last seen in the world war 2.

Who Was Tristyn Bailey?

It is very sad to hear that innocent people’s were loosing their lives in this war. Ukrainian president is also requesting the Indian government to talk to the Russian president Vladimir Putin to stop the war.

The CCTV footages of the 14 year old innocent girl who died in the blast. You can se the footage easily on social media. The footage is available just under 50 second of time period. The video is still getting more and more views on it. But the video is really heartbreaking.

It is shown in the video that a missile came and hit that girl and the girl loosed her life just in few seconds. Ukrainian people are loosing their safety day by day because the war entering to its worst situation. Everyone on social media were expressing their condolences to that girl. May her soul rest in peace.


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