Who Was Chris Locher? Vice President of Delivery For The Americas Passed Away at 42

It is hardened to announce to our readers the untimely passing of Chris “Chris” Locher, who was the brother-in-law of a popular Karing For Postpartum blogger Karrie Locher. Yes, Chris Locher sadly passed away at the age of 42. It is upsetting to hear the sudden passing of loving member of the Locher family who just lost their beloved one. He was a long-time resident of St. Louis, Missouri who has gone from this world leaving his family and community member devastated.

Who Was Chris Locher?

Before his passing, he was the Vice President of Deliver of the Americas at FFW, which is a global platform agency that combines data insights, strategy, design and development to create engaging digital experiences empowering the success of the world’s leading organizations. Since the news of Chris Locher was confirmed, his known and loved ones are paying tribute to him and giving their deep sorrow to the family members who are going through a difficult time. Chris was a well-known employee where was he working before his passing? Some of his known ones are searching to know the cause of his sudden passing. Let’s find out what was the cause of his death and how did it happen to him.

Who Was Chris Locher?

Born as Chris Locher in Washington, MO where he joined Washington University to gain an education for his career. He also moved to Tampa in 2018 to join the FFW as the Vice President of Deliver for the Americas. Before his sudden passing, he was active in his local community and also involved in attending a church where he served as a deacon leader.

He was also an avid outdoorsman who enjoyed fishing and hunting with friends on weekends. He married to Karrie in 2001 and the couple had been living together since then. They have a beautiful family including two children together, a son named Hunter and a daughter named Alexis.

He was the brother-in-law of the mastermind behind the popular Karing for Postpartum blogging site, Karrie Locher. He was the beloved of Karrie. According to the post shared by KJ Unnerstall Construction, Chris Locher due to cancer. He had been battling cancer and at the age of 42, he lost his battle with it.

The post reads,” We are deeply saddened to inform you of the passing of Chris Locher, Vice President, of KJ Unnerstall Construction Co. He lost his battle to cancer, at the age of 42, surrounded by his family on Monday, March 6th. Chris has been an integral part of the KJ”.


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