Who Is Siyabonga Gama and Why He Arrested? Former CEO of Transnet Siyabonga Gama Case

Former CEO of Transnet Siyabonga Gama is currently in the headlines after he was arrested by the National Prosecuting Authority’s Investigation Directorate and the Hawks. The news of his arrest has been circulating all over the internet and many people have been reacting to it. After getting the news of his arrest, people have many questions in their minds that why he got arrested, what did he do? What charges he is facing right now? All these questions have been making rounds on the internet as well. In this article, we are going to explain the whole matter and the reason behind his arrest, along with charges. Keep Visiting Grabuptrends.com

why was siyabonga gama arrested

According to the reports, the former chief executive officer of Transnet has been arrested by the the National Prosecuting Authority’s Investigation Directorate and the Hawks on 27 May 2022, Friday morning. Although, he is not only the one who got arrested on Friday but there are some renowned personalities who were taken into custody as they were also involved in the misdeeds with Siyabonga Gama. But Siyabonga Gama has come to the limelight soon. We will also let you know about the other personalities so keep reading this article.

Who Is Siyabonga Gama?

It has also been reported that five officers were also arrested who were associated with the CEO. We would like to tell you that 2 of 5 former arrested officers of Transnet are Siyabonga Gama and Eric Wood. These two are said to be related with Gupta-linked firms Trillian Capital Partners and Regiments Capital. Some reports claimed that 5 former officers of Transnet are charged with fraud, corruption, and money laundering.

As of now, the CEO and other five officers of Transnet are booked at the Brackendowns Police Station. However, these five are still yet to be produced before the Magistrate in the Palm Ridge Magistrate’s Court. The former CEO and the other officers were detained after being involved in corruption amounting to R93 million.

Former CEO of Transnet Siyabonga Gama

The arrests of these five were made after an investigation by the Hawks. Also, Siyabonga Gama has been released after signing a bond for R50,000 and the other four were released after signing a bond for R425,000. Five of them are ordered to be presented in court on 13 July 2022. Kuben Moodley will also appear in court on 13 July. We will update our readers soon with further details so stay tuned with our website to catch all the latest updates on time.


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