What Was Thuthuka Mthembu Cause of Death? Did Nonka on Uzalo Passed Away Death Hoax Explored

Circulation of some names has been rolling up in that space of Social media which had been marked to become a Trendy Topic that comes with a piece of rumoured news before that has proven to be un-rumoured. As per some sources, the news which is circulating fastly has been seen breaking the hearts of a lot of people.

Thuthuka Mthembu Cause of Death

So let me tell you that the news which is been spreading all over the internet is about a young talented actress who is South African named ‘Thuthuka Mthemb’. The little young-aged actress passed away which has created a tragic demise all over the web. Her fans are disheartened on hearing the passing news of her favourite actress.

How Did Thuthuka Mthembu Die?

The famous well-known personality has been successful in grasping the hearts of audiences who provided her love for the role she did in the daily soap opera named –‘Uzalo’. She has been playing the role of Nonka character in this show which is a great hit for the audience of UZalo.

This play has been televised since 2015 and now completing its seventh season in July 2021 recently. Overall as a count, 1648 has been televised till now. Nonka- Character which the actress has been playing up the role since years have been marked as the amazing one.

What Was Thuthuka Mthembu Cause of Death?

So talking about the rumour news that whether the actress is alive or dead, now it’s very clear that the actress had been passed away. The number of Social Sites platforms proving some reports a few days ago that she was seen engaged in a car accident that had taken place on 20th of Dec’2021.

According to that things and reports we could say that she is dead and making the rumour true. We haven’t yet found the major cause of her death but only the car accident thing coming all the way as the primary reason. Let’s pray that rumours are wrong and she will be alive!


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