Updates: Who Stabbed 2 Female employees at MoMA? Police ID Suspect in Stabbing of MoMA Employees

One more shocking news coming through the sources is that two female employees have been stabbed by a man who was angry after he was denied entry because his membership had been revoked. The two female employees of the Museum of modern art were killed brutally. Patrons were seen running for the exist after the suspect jumped over the desk and stabbed the two women. Keep Visiting Grabuptrends.com

stabbed 2 female

On March 12 after just 4 p.m. after both of them were admitted to the hospital they had serious injuries. One of the women was covered in blood and the suspect is being told to be 60 years old and he was known to be in a criminal cased which is why he was known to the police, before that there was no info to the authorities to be incomes. In the beginning, police were thinking that the suspect is hiding in the building.

Who Stabbed 2 Female employees at MoMA?

But he evacuated soon after the search he could not be found he was spotted on the video recording that he left the building it was said by John Miller, NYPD deputy commissioner of the intelligence and counterterrorism. As per the report it is being told at the suspect wanted to enter the building but the membership card that he produced had been revoked. That is why he was denied to enter the building but after that he got angry and he thought to do such a crime as far as you know his membership card was allegedly revoked because of two separate incidents involving disorderly conduct at the Museum.

Recently further investigation is going on and we are waiting for further information as soon as we find out we will let you know to stay connected on the same post. On Twitter, the video of the suspect was posted which is getting viral day by day the footage will help police to catch the suspect netizens are reacting to the news and they are also expressing their condolence to the family who has lost their daughters. We also express our deep condolence to the family, may their soul rest in peace. For more latest update keep reading the post on the internet we will be right back with the missing the information.


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