Today’s Naagin 6 22nd January 2023 Written Episode Update

Here we are going to share a written update of the most famous show Naagin. This show is running with the great TRP on television. All the characters are superb in the show and they are completing all the duties of a good entertainer. The latest episode starts with Seema thinking that this time she got saved but it will not happen every time and she has to do something because Nili Naagin is not in the home to save her.

Today's Naagin 6 22nd January 2023 Written Episode Update


Naagin 6 22nd January 2023 Written Update

She says that she has to make strong roots in the house. On the other hand, Raghu comes and says to the servant that he and Preeti will eat the food in their room and will serve by himself to heat it. Seema hears this and she makes the plan to make a fire to leak the gase. She leaks the gase and then Raghu comes he starts the stove to warm the food then suddenly the fire incident happened.

Seema comes to save him and behaves overacting and faking concern. She pushes him outside and behaves like she is stuck in the fire and then everyone comes and tries to save her. Raghu tells that Seema’s aunty saved him. Prathna and Sasha say that are acting. Seema starts her acts and says to Raghu that he is like his son if he believes it or not. A mother can’t her child like this. She says that she is completing the favor that his family did to treat her with the respect.

Raghu says that he is like her son. He says that he will see now that she will get the respect of a Maa. She cries fake and she blick her eyes at Prathna and Sasha. Prathna says now she got that Seema behaves this to make her place in the house because she knows that Rghue will get upset or she will get hurt and Pratha can’t give pain to Raghu.

She says that she will find the solution. Shasha asks her to go and worship at 9 Mani and they will see Seema after some time. She asks her to go with her. She says no and asks her to make her eyes on Seema. You will see that Vishkha will be seen to uses her power on Mehek and increase her age and welcome her. She asks her who is she and she tells about her. She says that now she is not alone and she will help her to kill anyone.


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