(TKSS) The Kapil Sharma Show 31st December 2022 Episode Written Update: Zakir Khan and Abhishek Upmanyu

Here we are going to share a written update of the most famous show Kapil Sharma 31 Dec 2022. This is an Indian comedy show. Kapil Sharma is the host of the show and he is a great comedian, who has been seen in the film in a lead role. He is the biggest comedian who made his big name in the community. His comedy style is very natural and interesting. His entire team members are also superb and sharp in their comedy skills. We have seen in previous episodes that big celebrities are on the show. This week will be the same as the previous one. Today popular celebrities will come as guests on the set.

The Kapil Sharma Show 31st December 2022 Episode Written Update

The Kapil Sharma Show 31st December 2022 Written Update

On the basis of the promo videos, You will see Kapil will welcome Kusha Kapila, Abhishek Upamanya, Zakir Khan, and Anubhav Singh Bassi. The future episode will be very interesting and entertaining because the guest will enjoy the comedy of Kapil and his team. They will also share some jokes on the set, which will be interesting to watch. We all are aware of Zakir Khan, who is a well-known personality of comedy.

You will see that Kapil will talk about the happy new year’s regulations and asks if they also take the resolution. Zakir says that he is waiting for the day when New year, Monday, and 1 date will come together then he will go to the gym. You will see that Kapil will ask one of the guests if has he told him about his work and he replies that he tell the news with the money.

Zakir says that his parents are not against their passion they just don’t want to see them poor, then another says that he thinks that they are greedy as cracking a joke. You will see in the show that a comedy character will come and will say that the big comedians are here to watch his comedy show.

Kapil cracks the joke and asks him how it is a year old. What about he is talking? He replies that he misunderstood. Everyone laughed at the joke. He says melon put on knife or knife put on melon these both are the same thing. You will see in the show that who promise not to be late are the ones who wake up on 2nd January after getting drunk on New Year. Stay You can watch the entire episode on Sony TV at 9:30.


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