(TKSS) The Kapil Sharma Show 17th December 2022 Written Update Tonight: ‘Circus’ Movie Cast

Here we are going to share a written update on the most famous show Kapil Sharma. This show is running with the great TRP on television. It has a big fan following. This is a comedy show and Kapil Sharma the host of the show, who is a great comedian. This is the show where we watched several famous stars and the legend of the music and the film industry. The entire team’s comedy is great in the show and they are doing great in the show. Let’s continue the article to gain more details about the future episode.

TKSS The Kapil Sharma Show 17th December 2022 Written Update

The Kapil Sharma Show 17th December 2022 Written Update

On the basis of the promo videos, The show will be very interesting because Ranveer Singh, Pooja Hegde, Jacqueline Fernandez,  Varun Sharma, and the famous director will come on the set of the Kapil Sharma and Kapil will welcome them with the big round applause. Kapil Sharma will crack superb jokes. Kapil will say to Rohit that he appoint the big star cast and that today his studio is also full. The set was overflowing and some were slipping on the other show.

You will see in the show that the Comedy character will say to Didi that she has written two poems her Didi says to tell the poetry. She asks which one she should tell and then she says that which she loves she can tell then she chose first and herself says that but the second is better. Didi scolds her and asks her to tell the second one. She says she screamed that’s why she forgot.

Kapil’s wife’s character comes and says about the cast that she is very happy to see the cast and excited as well and she asks Rohit how he handles the entire cast because too big then kail says her that he handles it as her father handles 12 siblings of her and then she says that they are only 9 siblings. Then Kapil replies that 6 kids are running through his mind.

Everyone will laugh at his joke and you will see that a duplicate character of Ranveer will come on the set and he will entertain all with his comedy skills. Ranveer will enjoy his comedy and laugh at his comedy and the jokes. All the characters in the comedy are superb and outstanding. You can watch the entire episode on Colors  TV at 9:30. Stay tuned with us for more updates.


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