Three Dead After Car Crashes off Henry Hudson Parkway Onto Amtrak Tracks Below Updates!

New York: A third individual has been affirmed dead by police after a vehicle took off the Henry Hudson Parkway early Monday and collided with the Amtrak tracks just below the George Washington Bridge. Authorities at first detailed two passings in the accident, the driver and a traveler, at generally 181st Street and the southward side of the expressway. The accident happened around 1:45 a.m.

3 Dead After Car Crashes on Henry Hudson Parkway

Notwithstanding the driver who was launched out from the vehicle and a female traveler saw as dead inside, police said a third individual was found under the vehicle. The driver has been distinguished as 39-year-old Edger Valette.

Three Dead After Car Crashes off Henry Hudson Parkway

The 39-year-old driver, Edgar Valette – a dad of four who maintained a lift business and was anticipating the introduction of a child – was going midtown when he let completely go close to W. 178th St. in Washington Heights and struck a concrete barrier, police said. The luxury vehicle crashed through a railing close 181st St. around 1:40 a.m., cops said, took off the road and arrived on railroad tracks around 500 feet below close to the George Washington Bridge

After specialists on call stifled the blast they tracked down a dead lady inside the vehicle, consumed to the point of being indistinguishable. The person in question, recognized by sources as Kimberly Martinez, 28, was so gravely roasted cops couldn’t at first decide the orientation.

In a statement Monday, Amtrak said “customers may experience delays traveling between New York and Albany due to a motor vehicle collision, which occurred earlier this morning in Manhattan, that resulted [in] a vehicle on the tracks and an ongoing police investigation. Crews are working to remove the vehicle as quickly as possible so normal service can resume.”


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