(TKSS) The Kapil Sharma Show 5th November 2022 Episode Written Update: Uunchai Movie Cast Tonight

Here we are going to share a written update of the most famous show. This show is running in good on the famous channel SonyTv at 9:30 Pm. This is outstanding and entertaining. This show has gained a huge fan following among people. This show is making people curious to watch the show. As we know Kapil Sharma is the host of the show. He is a famous comedian and he did great work in his whole career and the show is a great and big turning point for people. Here we will share all the highlights of the future episode. Let’s continue the article.

TKSS The Kapil Sharma Show 5th November 2022 Episode Written Update

The Kapil Sharma Show 5th November 2022 Episode

According to the promo video, the future episode will be very interesting and entertaining. You will see Kapil Sharma will welcome  Anupam Kher, Neena Gupta,  Boman Irani, and Sarika arriving on the show and they are cast in the upcoming film Uunchai. Yes, they came here to promote their film. Several things remain to tell you about the match, which you will find in the next section of the article.

On the basis of the report, Kapil will create magic on the stage with his comedy and he will make people laugh. You will see Kapil will crack a joke that a myth is running for a long time that ladies take more time than men to be ready but Neena Ji and Sarika have proved wrong this myth because they came at on right time back on the stage. Then Neena Ji says that Anupam was making his hair so this can be the reason behind their late arrival.

Anupam Ji says that His hair was not settled for a long time so he decided to make the participation in the hair. You will see another face of comedy, who will be added to the show. He will say that he has purchased to point out a particular area. Then Anupam Kher will confirm that is he talking about The Kapil show then the comedian corrects him and says that he is talking about Super hit talkies. He further says that he will be the reason to be out from there.

On the basis of the report, you will see that another character will create magic on the stage with his comedy style. This show will be interesting and entertaining because the characters will cracks superb and outstanding jokes. You can watch this entire episode on Sont Tv at 9:30. Stay tuned for more updates.


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