The Kapil Sharma Show 4th December 2022 Written Update Salaam Venky Arrive on TKSS

Here we are going to share a written update of the most famous show The Kapil Sharma. This show is running with the great TRP on television. This is an Indian Comedy show and this show is running with the top fan-following. Kapil Sharma is the host of the show and he is very famous in the field of comedy. This show has made a big name in the comedy world. This is the show where you see several big celebrities come in the show to promote their projects. Here we will share the highlight of the show. Keep VisituibgVisiting

the kapil sharma show

According to the promo videos, The show will be very interesting and entertaining when you will see  Kajol, Revathi, and Vishal Jethwa will come on the set with a big round of applause. You will see all the guests will enjoy the show and the comedy of the characters. You will see Kapil will make a big round of laughter with his jokes. Scroll down the page to know about the more highlight of the future episode.

The Kapil Sharma Show Written Update

On the basis of the other episode, You will see in the show that Kapil will say to Kajol that she has started the trend Saree and still it is in trend and getting popular. He cracks the joke that when Pandey aka the musician gifted his wife a saree and after this, his wife came in front of him after wearing this saree then he says that Kajol looks beautiful in the Saree and then she replies he is not also Ajay Devgan. Everyone laughed at the jokes Kapil Sharma.

On the basis of the next promo videos, The Kapil Sharma Show on 3 Dec 2022. In this future episode, Kapil will say that Vishal Jethwa’s first Movie is Mardani, which was with Rani Mukherjee. He replies that his two films have been done with the Mukharjee family and then Kapil Sharma says that what is the reason for this if he has taken the loan from them and he is completing his loan.

Kapil Sharma will crack the jock to his co-worker of comedy that in which way is sitting here and the “Swach Bharat Abhiyan” is running and he is sitting in this way. This moment will be superb and the moment of a laugh. You can watch the show on SonyTv at 9:30. Stay tuned for more updates.


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