The Kapil Sharma Show 18th February 2023 Written Update: Celebrity Cricket League Special!

Here we are sharing a written update of the most famous show The Kapil Sharma show. This show is running with the great TRP on television. This is a comedy show, which is a very famous show among people. We are watching this for a long time. Kapil Sharma is the host of the show. Kapil Sharma is a famous celebrity and he is doing great work in his career in comedy. We see that several famous celebrities come here as a guest. Here we will share all the highlights of the upcoming episode. Let’s continue the article.

the kapil sharma show

According to the promo videos, the latest episode will be very interesting and entertaining. Kapil Sharma will welcome famous celebrities Sohail Khan, Binoo Dhillon, Ganesh Kishan,  Sonu Sood, Rajeev Pillai, Sudheer Babu, and Jiiva. All the guests will enjoy the moments of comedy. As always Kapil Sharma will entertain the audience to crack amazing jokes. You will see an amazing comedy of the characters in the show. They will do an impressive comedy in the show. Several things remain to tell you about the show, which you will find in the next section of the article.

The Kapil Sharma Show Written Update

In the promo videos, the show will be very interesting when a character will act like a Puspha. He will tell a dialogue from the film Pushpa He will create an atmosphere of comedy. This you will see that comedy characters will act like Birbal and Akbar. Kapil asks all the members of the cricket league if they came here from their own vehicles or if they think that Sonu will drop them at their house. Scroll down the page to know more information about the show.

You will see in the show Tiwari Ji says that he is going to give the suggestion that at least two girls should play in a team. Kapil cracks the joke and asks him if this suggestion came from his mind. Kapil will say that the team name is Punjab Ke Sher, which is very strong and the name of the member is Sonu, Jimmy, and laugh. This show will be very interesting and entertaining because all the members are superb at the show. All the team members will enjoy the comedy of the characters. If you want to watch the show so you can watch on Colors TV at 9:30. Stay tuned with us for more updates.


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