SHOCKING: Man Arrested For Rapping Minor Girl On Rooftop In Odisha

Recently a case has been the headline of the news where a minor girl has been raped. On Thursday the police have arrested a man, who is 35 years old he had rapped a minor girl on the rooftop of her house in puri.

Man Arrested For Rapping Minor Girl On Rooftop In Odisha

The accused has been identified as Mahesh Mohanty, who is a native of Jagatsinghpur, the incident has taken place in the Puri. You might be in the swim that Mohanty has a criminal history and he was recently released from jail.

Man Arrested For Rapping Minor Girl On Rooftop

Tons of people are showing interest to know about this, through this report we will let you know more about this case. As we know the number of rape cases is increasing day by day, the government has to take strong action soon.

After this incident tons of netizens have reacted on the social media sites, we can see the reaction of the netizens, the victim’s family is asking for justice. As of now accused is on the run and the police team is investing the case as per the report we got to know at the end of the day he was nabbed from a house in the district it was said was Singh.

The minor girl who was rapped, her health condition is not so good, she has been admitted to the SCB Medical College Hospital in Cuttack. As per the SP statement, the accused was known to the girl’s family, later Singh has said that the charge sheet will be filed within 20 days and the court verdict will be expected within two months this case is falling under the Red Flag category.

We are waiting for further information, as soon as we find out more detail, we will update the post. It is not the first that has come out in the public before that there is a number of cases many are still pending.

Rapid should be hanged as many people are saying this, to get rid of this we have to aware people and spread education. Due to lack of education, people do not know about this, we can also organise webinars for backward areas and villages.

Government should also decide on a strict punishment or capital punishment for the rapist, more the latest updates keep visiting this site we will let you know more on the same post.


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