Shilpi Raj Viral Video Leaked MMS Clip of Bhojpuri Star Video Goes Viral on Internet

A very famous and well known bhojpuri actress and singer Shilpi Raj is trending in news and on social media. Shilpi Raj’s is on headlines because of her private video gets viral on social media all over the world. Everybody is impatiently waiting to watch the leaked video of the actress and finding on social media. The viral or leaked video of Shilpi and unknown guy is seen by millions of user on social media. Shilpi Raj is very popular Singer and actress in Bhojpuri Industry. Her incredible voice is amazing and can easily attract millions of listeners at only one single hit. Keep Visiting

who is shilpi raj

She makes her fan base with an sweetening voice she had. she Is Leek and influences and Impresses anybody with simply her voice. Shilpi Raj gave many hit melodies to the Bhojpuri industry. She is a superstar for this Era however this time she isn’t associated with a good type of news. She geta into your headline through the private and personal video.

Shilpi Raj Viral Video Leaked

As per reports some of her fans said that it is a fake video and our favorite singer can’t do this. While a portion of the people that whom she is spending her private time by clearing all that you need to share about the video which was spilled. In the leaked video Shilpi and the guy who is unknown get private and having $ex.

Shipli is not the first actress who’s video gets viral or leaked on internet all over the globe, however already some more famous Bhojpuri actors and actresses is also engaged with this sort of hole recordings the names was Shweta, Priyanka Pandit.

Who Is Shilpi Raj?

Shipli Raj was born on 25 March, 2002 in Deoria, Bhatparani, Uttar Pradesh. She completed her 12 class from a government school of Chhapra. Currently her age is just 19 years old. She worked with very famous stars of Bollywood like Vijay Lal Yadav and Pawan Singh Some offer the greatest hits were ‘Bhukhar Light Barab Karejau’, Chotti Tohara Choti Se Chot Lagata and many more. She gets a lot of love from her fanbase and followers. She gives very big and huge hits to the Bhojpuri industry.



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