Russian Frigate Admiral Makarov: Russia Denies New Warship Strike by Ukraine UPDATES

The Russian invasion in Ukraine is still going on and instead of the things getting better they are getting given words and now every nation is concerned about the nuclear war. But recently some really shopping updates came from the nation that ukrainian forces successfully hit S Russian war ship Admiral Makarov. Ukraine is not stepping back and they are constantly getting Russia even harder every time and the warship was a really powerful acid and it contained many Cruise missiles. Keep Visiting admiral makarov

and was a menace is for the Enemies of Russia and now it has been completely devastated and destroyed by the Ukrainian forces. The updates were posted by the ministers of Ukrainian government of. American Intelligence is completely helping Ukraine and they have from their open support and they are providing them with all their equipments and top officers of. It was destroyed by an anti ship missile. There were almost 180 members of the group present at the time of the incident.

Russian Frigate Admiral Makarov

The ship was first commissioned in the year 2017 and it was the third largest muscle in the Russian navy and it contain many high tech and innovative weapons. Ukrainian forces of word constantly tracking the the ship. It caused A ratio of billions of dollars and the Russian media is not showing the reality of the war and they have been exaggerating and the Russian news channels are running a propaganda against Ukraine but most of the Russian citizens are showing their criticism and protest against the invasion. and many of them have been sent to prison.

Large scale displacement of Ukrainian citizens happened and they were forced to ship to Dun a neighbouring countries like Hungary and Poland. The British ministry of defence also uploaded that almost 20 Russian warships have been destroyed since the invasion started and the Russian wanted to have their dominance in the Black Sea and round up the Ukrainian army and Navy on a all the fronts using Belarus.


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