Confirmed Rita Ora And Taika Waititi Are Married, Shares Video For ‘You Only Love Me’

A piece of exciting news took place on social media and the whole social media is talking about the news. So the exciting news has been confirmed by Rita Ora that had tied the knot with Taika Waitit months ago. This is a very surprising announcement for everyone that now she is the wife of Taika Waitit. Her fans are very happy with this news and they are trying to gain more information about the news. When had they tied the knot?  What is the announcement? We will try to tell you each and every detail about the news. Let’s continue the article.

Confirmed Rita Ora And Taika Waititi Are Married Shares Video For You Only Love Me

Rita Ora And Taika Waititi Are Married Confirmed!

According to the report, she confirmed that she and her husband Taika Waititi got married, months after the report first emerged that they were engaged. She has announced that she is the official wife of director Taika Waititi after starring in her latest music video wearing a YSL dress featuring an attached wedding veil from the 1980s. As part of the launch of the release of her latest song.  ‘You Only Love Me,’. This song was launched on Friday.

Can in this video that she acts is appearing as a bride and getting ready for the big day, it is clear that the video is based on a strong wedding theme. It starts with many celebrities appearing on a vantage TV and giving their congratulations to Rita as they are shown in the video. Several things remain to tell you about the news, which you will find in the next section of the article.

According to the report,  Kristen Stewart shared said that she just had the craziest dream that you were getting married, and she just had the craziest dream that she was getting married and she was not there”, joked Kristen Stewart as she talked about her dream. Scroll down the page to know more information about the news.

Furthermore, They had been in the headlines because of the rumor romance between Roita and Taika became official in August 2021 and after 3 months their dating rumors of dating started spreading widely. However, Now they are officially husband and wife. Her fans are very happy with this news and they appreciate her decision. Several people are giving their best wishes to the couple. We have shared all the details about the news, which we have fetched from other sources. We pray God gave peace to his soul and strength to his family. Stay tuned for more updates.


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