RIP: What Was Deborah Samuel Yakubu Cause of Death? Popular Internet Sensation, Dead and Obituary

Popular internet sensation Yakubu passed away just a few days after fighting for his life at the hospital. The news of Yakubu’s death brought sad waves to his fans’ life. Yes, you read it right the entire social media is saddened after the death of Yakubu. Yakubu was one of the most famous social media personalities who made everyone crazy for himself. He had a huge fan base around the world on social media. When the news of his death came out, all his fans were shocked and heartbroken. People have been searching for more details about his death. So here, you will get all information about Yakubu and his death. Keep Visiting

Deborah Samuel Yakubu dead

Yakubu whose full name is Deborah Samuel Yakubu was a well-known internet sensation who passed away on 12 May 2022. He was a second-year student in college. He was an amazing and good nature person. The news of his passing was a shock to everyone. According to the reports, Deborah Yakubu was killed by a mob of fellow students in Sokoto, Nigeria after being accused of blasphemy. After the incident, he was transported to the hospital where he took his last breath. His family is heartbroken after the news of his death.

What Was Deborah Samuel Yakubu Cause of Death?

Yakubu was a popular sensation on the internet, he gained popularity on social media through his unique and amazing content online. As we all know that these days, many people have been receiving fame through social media as they upload some amazing content and other people start following them. Yakubu was one of them who came up with some unique content on the platform and made people crazy.

He successfully managed to make a huge fan base on the internet through his unique and different content on social media platforms. Yakubu has also become a popular personality on the internet through his content. But unfortunately, he left the world so soon. He was killed by a mob of fellow students. Once, Yakubu was accused of sharing blasphemous statements against the Islamic prophet Muhammad.

Who Was Deborah Samuel Yakubu?

He was brutally killed by a mob of college students. A video of his death also surfaced on the internet and received huge attention from people. After the incident, Yakubu was taken to the hospital where he died. Two students were identified from the video who was later arrested by the cops. Stay tuned with us for more updates.


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