RIP: Krishna Cause of Death? Veteran Telugu Actor Krishna Passed Away at 80

Here we are sharing the sad and shocking news with you that Veteran Telugu actor Krishna passed away on Tuesday. Yes, you read it right that he died on 15th Nov 2022. This is very shocking and they are very sad at this time. Mr Krishna. who is the father of superstar Mahesh Babu, was admitted to the hospital in the early hours of Monday and was put on a ventilator. People are hitting the search engine to gain all the details about the news. What happened to Mahesh Babu’s father? How did Mr Krishna dead? We will tell you all the details about the news. Let’s continue the article. Keep Visiting

Krishna dead

According to the report, He was suffering from serious illness issues and he lost his life. He was being treated by a multi-disciplinary. The doctor said that he suffered and died because of cardiac arrest. The actor is no more and he lost his life on the day of Tuesday, hospital sources mentioned. Several things remain to tell about the news, which you will find in the next section of the article.

Krishna Cause of Death?

On the basis of the report, Mr Krishna’s name is Ghattamaneni Siva Rama Krishna Murthy, and he did work in 350 films and was one and he gained the reputation of a reputed and a top class actor of his time. He was also a successful director and he has produced several films in his career. Scroll down the page to learn more information about the news.

According to the report, he was honoured with the Padma Bhushan in the year of 2009. Mr Krishna was also the father-in-law of TDP leader Jay Galla. He had made his presence in congress and become an MP in the 1980s but quit politics after former PM Rajiv Gandhi’s demise. His career was amazing career.

Furthermore, his wife and Mahesh Babu’s mother Idira mother passed away in September of the same year. His elder son Ramesh Babu lost his life in January.  Actress Vijaya Nirmala, who was his second wife and she lost her life in 2019. Now, his father’s death is a sad and shocking moment for his death. Mahesh Babu is sharing is in pain. We have shared all the details about the news, which we have fetched from other sources. If we get any further details we will tell you first at the same site. Stay tuned for more updates.


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