RIP: How Did Elvis Nyathi Die? Elvis Nyathi Brutally Murder Death CCTV Video Footage

Today we are sharing a piece of news that a Zimbabwean man named as Elvis Nyathi who was badly beaten and set on fire in the Johannesburg suburb of Diepsloot on Wednesday night. After a day of protest against crime and poor policing of immigration laws. On 7 April, Thursday, a horrifying news comes in front of world a image of a pile of ashes, the remains of Nyathi, who was killed for not having a passport. “People knocked on her door for a passport, then tied him up, beat him and set him on fire” Nomsa Tshuma, Nayathi’s widow said. Keep Visiting

Elvis Nyathi dead

However, the opposition Coalition for Citizen Change (CCC) has blamed the Zanu-PF government for financial bungle that has prompted large number of Zimbabweans escaping to South Africa looking for greener fields. In a given statement CCC said “The Coalition for Citizen Change strongly condemns the murder of Elvis Nyathi, who was stoned and burned today in Diepsloot, Johannesburg.


How Did Elvis Nyathi Die?

Our sincere condolences go out to Ms Nyathi and the entire family of Elvis Nyathi, who have tragically lost their husband, father , friends and family.” Fadzayi Mahere, CCC spokesperson also added “We also call on public figures and shady groups to reduce anti-immigrant rhetoric of abuse, extortion and violence against African nationals.”

South Africa’s opposition party EFF additionally denounced the xenophobic assault on a fellow African and blamed the decision ANC for supporting self defense group. In a given statment EFF said “These are the consequences of the mass media and the ruling party itself supporting and promoting self-defense groups.

What Was Elvis Nyathi Cause of Death?

That seek to scapegoat their inability to fight crime, create jobs and provide adequate healthcare to foreigners. “It is an objective fact that hospitals in South Africa are failing because the government does not have the internal capacity to develop and maintain medical infrastructure.”


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