Powai: IIT Bombay PG Student Kills Self by Jumping From 7th Floor Hostel Building

Recently a new case has come forward where an IIT Bombay student has kicked the bucket after he jumped from the seventh Floor of the hostel. This news has gone viral on the Internet and it is the headline of many news websites, as far as we know he was facing depression due to which he decided to end his life. Read the complete post to know every single thing related to the case.

IIT Bombay student suicide

A 26 years Old boy, who was studying for a Master’s he was a student at IIT Bombay he has committed suicide after jumping from 7th from the campus building. It is the Indian Institute of Technology, we want to tell you the incident has taken place on Monday.

IIT Bombay student Dies by Suicide

There is not much information was found about the victim, he was a young boy, whose family is mourning over his sad demise at a young age, we offer them our deep condolence to the family, may his soul rest in peace.

As we know depression is one of the worst things ever as of now there are tons of people who are facing depression and they are thinking to kill their lives. But it is not the right solution these days such kinds of cases are increasing that mainly students are the target.

He was a young boy who was a Shining Star who wanted to do something in his life. As per the report it happened at 4:30 a.m. on Monday after that he was admitted to Rajawadi Hospital in Ghatkopar, where he was declared dead.

IIT Bombay Student Wiki-Bio

After the investigation police have found a suicide note from his hostel, through the note he has said he was suffering from depression and undergoing treatment. He did not blame anyone for his death after that the police has registered the case of accidental death in this matter. Further investigation is going on and they are looking for the exact death cause that why he was in depression.

We want to inform you if you are also one of them and facing the same problem then you on the Internet you can find the specific numbers on which you can call and get treatment of your depression through this post will also help you to spread positivity and see positivity in everything.


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