Obituary: Who Was Arthur Molina? and How Did Arthur Molina Die? What Happened To Him? Wiki-Bio

Here we sharing a bad news with you that the Dr. Arthur Molina has reportedly passed away on 16 April, 2022. Arthur was suffering from Covid then Mersa, from last two years he was fought hard spending his 97% of his time in hospital and care facilities. Dr. Arthur Molina wife Lisa Molina shared the news her husband’s death. She said “Dearest friends and family, It is with mixed emotions of love, loss and gratitude that I share with you that my dear sweet husband Arthur Molina has joined my daughter Brittany in the arms of the Lord last evening at 11:22 pm on 7 April, 2022. Keep Visiting

How Did Arthur Molina Die

I am grateful to my friends and to my family for their support. We had been praying for miracle and God answered by taking him home and removing his suffering. Selfishly I wish she had let him stay on earth with me but that was not to be. Thank you for all of your prayers and Well wishes.”

Who Was Arthur Molina?

Dr. Arthur Molina is an oncologist in Mount Vernon, Washington, partnered with a few hospitals nearby, including Skagit Regional Health – Mount Vernon Hospital and Providence St. Peter’s Hospital. He accepted his practitioner training from Baylor College of Medicine and has been rehearsing medication for more than 20 years.

Oncologists analyze and treat every types of cancer. They utilize indicative devices, for example, biopsies, endoscopy, X-rays and other imaging tests, atomic medication and blood tests. Cancer specialists or surgical oncologists eliminate growths, while medical oncologists treat disease with chemotherapy. Radiation oncologists utilize many types of radiation to dispose of growths.



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