Naagin 6 Full Episode 11th December 2022 Written Update: The Naagin Locates Prarthana

Here we are going to share a written update of the most famous show Naagin 6. This show is running great on television with the great TRP on television. This show is based on the story of Nagin and all the characters are superb in the show and all characters are too good in the show. This show is getting interesting and entertaining. We have seen in the show that all are incredible in the show and they are playing the character in the show. Here we will tell you all the highlights of the upcoming episode. Let’s continue the article. Keep Visiting

Naagin 6

On the basis of the promo video, the show is taking a turning point and the story of the show is about to change with the interesting changing in the show.  Prarthana is living a new life as Preeti, an orphan, with foster siblings to take care of after she loses her entire memories. So far in the story of Naagin 6, Pratha and Rishabh die along with Rudra. On the other hand, Prathana took the decision to bury herself under the Earth and burn in the flames of revenge, not give the Naag Mani to Meheck or Seema under any facts.

Naagin 6 Written Update

Nevertheless, she gets saved by a good man whose name was Onkar who adopts her as his daughter and a deep of six years is shown in this Supernatural series. You will see in the show Naagin 6, Mehek is living at the current time in the Gujral House with a wealthy man who has a big business of jewelry. Yes, it is the empire by the name of the Ahlawat. Several things we will share in this article to gain more details about the future episode which you will find in the next paragraph.

Furthermore, He is the same person who wants to purchase the house Prathana and her siblings are living in. When you will watch this change in the show you will get shocked after watching the show and it will be interesting to watch. All the makers are trying to make the show very interesting and entertaining for the viewers.

This show will be very interesting and entertaining because the show is taking a turning point in the latest way. You can watch the entire show on the Colors channel and enjoy the entire episode and the entire show is available on the Voot app. Stay tuned for more updates.


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