Naagin 6 6th November 2022 Full Episode Written Update: Someone Stabs Rishabh, Spoilers

Here we are going to talk about the upcoming show Naggin 6. This show is a very interesting and entertaining show. This is the 6th season of Naagin. Yes, 5 seasons already has been telecasted on television and all the season were unique and give the best experience of entertainment. This show is superb because all the characters are outstanding and the double role of Prathna is very interesting this thing make confusion in the show, which makes it more interesting to the show. We see in the show all the relationships are very confusing for each other. Let’s continue the article to know about the highlight of the show. Keep Visiting

Naagin 6 6th November 2022 Written Update

According to the promo videos, the show will be very interesting and all the characters are doing their best job in the show. You will see in the show Naagin that Prathna forgives killing  Rishabh as guilt strikes her not only this she learns that Risabh is not the real perpetrator he is another one. This scene will be calmful for all the watchers. She got to know about the truth and she will free him from her tail and turned her back, feeling dejected. Scroll down the page to know more about the upcoming show.

Naagin 6 Written Update

On the basis of another video, The story of the Naggin is taking the changing point and getting more interesting and thrilling. Zain and Mr Raichand trap Prathna to use her powers to open Vasuki Shesh Mandir. You will see in the future episode that some turning point will come and it will make watchers watch the next episode.

You will see that Prthna will take the decision to drop her Shesh Naggin powers as she is steeped in guilt. Scroll down the page to know more information about the next episode. On the basis of the further episode, Almost on the Verge of giving up her supramental powers, Prtha stops her and reminds her that Bharat needs a Shesh Naagin for its protection.

In the upcoming twist of Naagin 6, Rishabh gets attacked by an anonymous man who weakened Prathna’s powers with the knife. Pratha and Prathna get shocked and look at the sky and hope to get answers from Shiva himself now. This show will be very interesting and entertaining. You can watch this episode on Colors. It will be very interesting to watch and entertaining.  Stay tuned for updates.


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