Naagin 6 28th January 2023 Written Update Episode: Vishaka Will Attack On Raghuveer

Here we are going to share a written update of the most famous show Naagin 6. This show is running with the great TRP on television. The is a long-running show. This is the 6th reason for the show because people love to watch the show. The latest episode Naagin on 28 Jan 2023 starts with Prarthna coming to Shesha and she says that she took the decision to leave her all the powers. Shesha got shocked. Prathna says she will give her 9 Mani to her and she will leave her life with her love. Prarthna says that she tried to tell her truth to Raghu but he doesn’t want to know anything about her past.

Naagin 6 28th January 2023 Written Update Episode

Naagin 6 28th January 2023 Written Update

She says that she doesn’t want to cheat on him and she wants to give her 9 Mani to her. Sesha says that there is no need to give her 9 Mani. She says that she wants to live her life with her husband to completing wife’s responsibilities. She says that Naagin’s responsibility is love in exchange for love. She says that she did lots of things for her and now she wants to do something for her.

Prathna says to her that she will propose to him to share her feeling with her. She goes to Raghu and searches for him. She sees him with a girl and hangs out. She gets sad to see this. That girl asks her why did he marry Prarthna and he is close to that girl and says that he will her after completing his work. He married because his Bhabhi said him to do this and they will get lots of powers.

She says that his Bhabhi did lots of tragedy against her. She says that he loves her not Prarthna. Raghu says to his Babhi that she falls in his love and she will accept her love. Prathna gets the Roop of Naagin and attacks him in a dream. Mehek says to him that she wants Diviye Payal and he agrees.

After this, Prarthna meets Sesha and tells her that Mehek is alive and Raghu is cheating on her. She says how is she alive and if she wants to be alive then she needs this Payal. She will give this Payal to her. She tells Sesha that Payal is not in the Nag Mahal. So this Payal is in the store room. Vishakha hears and she goes to search for it. Prathna traps her. Stay tuned for more updates.


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