Naagin 6 15 January 2023 Latest Episode Written Update: Shesh Naagin Alone

Here we are going to share a written update of the most famous show Naagin 6. This show is superb and entertaining. The upcoming episode will be outstanding and entertaining. All the characters are too good in the show and they are doing great work in this show. You will see that Sasha will ask Prathna to forget her past and move on. They will discuss everything about Rudra. Sasha will say that Rudra was her past and Raghu is present. She says it is not easy for her. When she sees him she feels that he is a good person but her heart is not ready to accept him as a husband.

Naagin 6 15 January 2023 Written Update

Sasha says she completed her duty as a wife of Raghu in front of his friends. If her heart is not ready then she did this. It is possible that he is the one and your heart also want this. Prathna says she doesn’t know what she wants she only knows that she wants her revenge and she doesn’t want to be disbalance she will not let come her truth in front of him. She asks her to go to Mehek to take Divya Payal and kill her. Seema arrived at Mehek with her goons and asks them to kill all the Nag and Nagin and free Mehek.

Naagin 6 Written Update

They start a fight to rescue Mehek. Seema rescues Mehek and takes her with her. When Sasha and Prathana arrived there they didn’t find her and got tensed after seeing that all are unconscious. A Naagin tells that Seema came here and she takes Mehek with her. Seema sends a balloon man to the children. She will start playing with Bin and then the children started following him because Seema has touched the Payal with Bin.

Seema will arrange some bees and leave them to attack kids. Prathna says thanks to Sasha for telling about the 9 powers, whose seen as but not like the previous. Prarthana and Seema save the children with their plan and they say

now they should go to Mehek and Seema to teach them a chapter. The future show will be very interesting and entertaining. When Prathna says that they have to hide children in a safe place. Seema will say that the children are here. Sasha says to seem how can she live long and then she replies where she will go she will arrive there. Stay tuned for more updates.



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