McClaude Bridges Jr.? Suspect Who Assaulted Ariana Simms is a 66 year Old Man Explained!

Here we are going to share a piece of big news with you McClaude Bridges Jr is in the headlines because of his arrest. He was apprehended for assaulting Ariana Simms. This news is getting viral on the web and getting the attention of the people and this news has made people shocked. All are curious to know about the news and they are trying to know about the news and that’s why they are hitting the search engine to gain all the details about the news. What happened? Why McClaude Bridges was arrested? Let’s continue the article. Keep Visiting

McClaude Bridges

A new question is forwarded from some people who is Ariana Simms and why her name is in this case? Ariana Simms and her 4-year-old daughter were on their way to University Park Mall to spend the afternoon shopping when they were attacked in the parking lot. This was the biggest and most fatal incident. This news has created several questions in my mind. Several things remain to tell you about the news, which you will find in the next section of the article.

McClaude Bridges Jr.

She said to have parked her vehicle in front of Barnes and Noble at the University Park Mall. The mother of a 4-year-old, named Ariana Simms mentioned her terrible story on the account of Facebook Timeline and the messages. This news is getting viral on the web and getting the attention of the people. Scroll down the page to learn more information about the news.

If we talk about McClaude Bridges Jr., is the 66-year-old suspect who was arrested for attacking Ariana Simms. McCloude Bridges Jr. was booked in St. Joseph Country, Indiana for Robbery while armed with a deadly weapon. And giving bodily injury to another person. We will tell you more details about the news.

Furthermore, When the investigation happened and he was found guilty in 1986 of two changes of rape, one count of robbery, and one count of attempted robbery, on the basis of Indiana

Department of Corrections files. He was expected to be lunched in the month of March 2020. Simms has told about the appreciation for the police. This incident took place as a serious topic. All are very sad at this time and shocked as well after getting about the entire matter of the news. We have tried our best to tell you all the details about the news. If we get any further details we will tell you first at the same site. Stay tuned for more updates.


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