Los Angeles Police: LAPD Identified Suspect in Stabbing Of UCLA Student Brianna Kupfer

Recently Los Angeles police have identified the man who had stabbed a UCLA student whose name was Brianna Kupfer to the death inside the high and furniture store where she used to work. Now the culprit is behind the bars. As you know after offering a record-breaking dollar $250000 award for information leading to the suspected. Finally, he has been caught, let’s find out more about him.

LAPD Identified Suspect in Stabbing Of UCLA Student Brianna Kupfer

killer Shawn Laval Smith, who is 31 years old was considered armed and dangerous. As per the police department officials said Shawn Laval Smith has been arrested and released from jail without paying bail in October 2020. After he was cited for a misdemeanor,  the father of the victim told that he had heard his rap sheet is much worse.

Now Shown as the headline of the news, he killed Kupfer who was 24 years old young student of UCLA in the afternoon on Jan 13th. It was a random attack and she was working alone in the store at Croft House on North Le Brea Ave. At the time of the incident, she had texted to her one of her friends to say someone come into the store and was giving a bad vibe.

After that, the killer stabbed her and ran away from there through the back door without taking anything. Later her a body was found by the customer police have also released surveillance footage of the suspect and announce the larger award who will inform the police about him for help police to catch.

The father of the victim, whose name is Todd Kupfer, has said that he got some relief after the police have identified the suspect. He also hoped that he would be arrested very soon after that long investigation and search finally he was caught. Through the surveillance video and various information, police got to know about the culprit.

According to the Sgt. David Rodriguez of the Covina Police Department, the culprit Smith has got arrested on Oct 27 in 2020, at a home for a misdemeanor, he went to the store and bought an intem and employees tried to stop him.

After the suspect was released from jail on the same day without bail the LA Country has decided not to file any charge it was said by Rodriguez. For more latest updates keep visiting this site we will let you know more.


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