Link: Chandrika Chika Full Video Trending on Twitter, YouTube & Reddit 20 juta chika

A very famous and well known social media influencer Chandrika Chika who is from Indonesia is trending on news and on social media. Chandrika Chika is on headlines because of her private video gets viral on social media all over the world. Everybody is impatiently waiting to watch the leaked video of the celebrity and finding on social media. The viral or leaked video of Chandrika Chika is seen by millions of user on social media. Keep Visiting

Chandrika Chika Full Video Trending on Twitter

Chandrika Chika who is generally famous for her Tik Tok video playing out a fascinating dance video with regards to tune Papi Chulo’s went out of nowhere Viral. Without a doubt, Chandrika Chika is generally known as Chikakiku as her Tik Tok account is an Indonesian online VIP who is moreover seen for her Instagram posts and guaranteeing of various brands.

Who Is Chandrika Chika?

Chandrika Chika is very youthful as found in her photos and recordings. Be that as it may, we can’t get the data with respect to her age. Additionally, her introduction to the world sign is obscure. So far now, a TikTok VIP Chandrika Chika’s profile has not made its put on the web. Accordingly, her Wikipedia page is inaccessible. However, we can accumulate some data through various Websites.

Being a social media influencer all over the world, Chandrika Chika has a colossally followed Instagram under the username @chndrika. She has 1.1M followers and 72 posts on her Instagram account. Chandrika Chika is a Palembang, South Sumatra-born TikTok star. Along these lines, she has a spot with an Indonesian personality.

Chandrika Chika Full Video Leaked

The fans are truly supporting and looking for her spirit at she won’t going to duplicate the circumstance in a daily existence and consistently return of the different difficulties. She was born in a working class family and began dreaming about online businesses and expanding their ubiquity and impact. Advancing different brands and doing ads these days and bringing in an extremely good measure of cash.

Chandrika Chika Twitter Scandal  Full Link

Her family is truly pleased with her and supporting her on different choices of a day to day existence. Some of her followers are accusing her and some of them are supporting her. What do you imagine that is truly she is behind it. she did this intentionally, she had a rationale behind it for doing make false impressions between Putra Siregar, and Nur Alamsyah.


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