Kumkum Bhagya 30th November 2022 Full Episode Written Update: Ranbir Says to Prachi

Here we are going to share a written update on the famous show Kumkum Bhagya. This show is running with the great TRP on television. The latest episode starts with Alia asking Rhea if nobody can come inside and go outside. Rhea is happy and she is thinking that she is going to win this game. She says this place is very scary. She asks her not to scare her. Goons are about to kidnap her and she slaps her. He says he will charge 1 Lakh for a slap. Keep Visiting Grabuptrends.com

Kumkum Bhagya

She asks him about sounds. He tells Prachi is struggling to escape. Alia asks him to burn them alive. Alia says they will not leave and they will see their death. Rhea light the matchstick and says Prachi will be dead and this will be the punishment for her for stanching Ranbir. Prachi and Ranbir hide. She asks him how he got to know that she is here. He doesn’t reply to her. Sid comes there.  Ranbir almost makes Sid get caught and escapes with Prachi.

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update

Ranbir and Prachi escape from goon and enter the room. He locks it. He asks the reason to Prachi for her visit here.  She says she is here with Sid for some work. He asks her if they were spending time together. She says him what is he saying. He asks her that is she trapping him for his money. She gets hurt and says he is thinking correctly.

Goons catch Sid but Shahana rescues Sid. Shahana sets Sid’s feet. Rhea and Alia hide to see them. He says his feet us fine. They go to search for Mihika. Alia gives the order to burn the place with kerosene. Prachi and Ranbir fall into an argument she asks him how can he thinks that Sid and she came here to spend quality time to see the location. He says she may enter here when goons follow her.

She tries to go and Ranbir stops and asks where is she going she replies that she is going to save Sid. Ranbir gets upset. Rhea and other hides to see Ranbir. Ranbir hears Rhea’s voice. He ignores it. Rhea stops the goons to burn the house because Ranbir is here. Ranbir comes back and he thinks that this voice was Rhea’s. Shahana meets Prachi and takes her to the room where Mihika is held captive. They see Sid as a tie. He says that he fails to save Mihika. Alia asks Rhea to sit in the car. Alia hides to see Rannbir. Episode ends.


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