INSTAGRAM: Who Is Anastasia Pokreshchuk? Model With World’s Biggest Cheeks Images Photos

As per the recent reports a news is coming up where everyone wants to look different from other and they want to portray themselves in a nice manner but however it is being known as that people observe so much and sometimes they also body shame other people that how is she looking what she is wearing look how her hand are an many more things which can ruin anyone mode and same thing happen with Anastasia the girl with the world’s biggest cheeks. Keep Visiting Who Is Anastasia Pokreshchuk So this whole article is going toell you about Anastasia she is a well known Instagram model and a social media influencers and it is claim that she has the world’s biggest cheeks and now this things has gaining a lot of attention from the people and now she is her cosmetic in plants which she has got recently and every one is now shocked after looking at her pictures.

Who Is Anastasia Pokreshchuk?

There are many people who doesn’t like her because of her looks but there are many people who likes her and her personality and her content this particular thing started gaining attention when she was trying to look different and graceful previously she was having a normal cheeks after that she thought of doing a implant to her cheeks and people think that it doesn’t suit her well. After all in an interview she also mention that her mother things that she is very graceful and naturally attractive before but now she looks exotic and many of your friends also say that no she looks very stunning and before she use to look like a mouse but many people are coming she has injected something on her face source bigger than the normal size and now she is telling her pain when she wrote that I feel right now of my body structure and even my voice.

Anastasia Pokreshchuk Instagram, Age

Now she is focusing on herself and trying to look better and a greeting herself when she shared her latest photograph on Instagram where he was wearing a very classy dress and she was also flexing her cheap and her boobs that now she is feeling very cold after the implant and the surgery has been done she also mention that she went through the pain when they were injecting the thing on her cheap and it was a liquid which got injected in to her lower jaw and also cheekbones.


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