Imlie Latest Episode 22nd August 2022 Written Update (22/08/2022) Chini’s Life in Danger

Here we are sharing a written update of the most famous show, this show running a good on television. The latest episode will start with Malini entering the event in disguise as a security guard. She put the mask on her face so that no one can identify her. She looks for Anu and notices Aryan who is looking for a network. She turns back to see him and thinks he is calling her. He talks to another person about the phone network and she leaves from there. She bumps into Imlie and the latter tries to say sorry but Malini leaves without talking to her. Malini discovers Anu who is irked due to showing her face. Malini says her to run as in a hurry as there is a bomb in the event. Imlie overhears them and gets shocked. Keep Visiting

Imlie Today Written Update

Imlie thinks that she has to discover the bomb at any cost. She can’t let anything happen to innocent people. She tries to search for the bomb and then takes the metal detector from a guard explaining she will make a report on this too. Imlie thinks she can’t announce the bomb right otherwise she will start panicking. Aryan holds the bomb mic and thinks where is Imlie, She says that she should be with Chini because this is a big day for her.

Written Update of Imlie 22nd August 2022 Full Episode

She says how she will take an interview without a mic. Anu tries to run away with Malini as there are hardly two minutes left for them to save their lives. Malini says no one should know about her plan of the set the bomb. The flag hoisting starts and everyone witnesses that. Later Chini runs towards Aryan and she grabs the mic from his hand and goes on stagethefflie hears the alarm sound in the detector when she comes closer to Chini.

Imlie tells about the bomb and he gets shocked to hear this. They both take the mic from Chini and throw it and it gets blasted in the sky. Aryan hugs Imlie. They protect the flag down. They say some terrorists and criminals tried to break the Indians’ unity but they will be as one always. No one can cause harm to them.

Imlie Today Written Update

She sings Vandematram with the people. Minister praise her for her bravery and compares her to Army. Imlie says she is nothing in front of the army but she just completed her duty as a citizen. Malini gets angry to hear about Imlie’s bravery. Imlie finds Malini’s earrings under a chair and says these earing must belong to the culprit.


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