Humber Bridge Accident: ‘Heavy Traffic’ as Crash Blocks Northbound Carriageway Updates!

A heavy traffic is found in the Humber Bridge northbound because of a sudden car accident. Currently the situation in the Humber Bridge is very bad. This heavy traffic formed due to a traffic collision in Humber Bridge. Now the Humber Bridge blocked the northbound due to this heavy traffic.

Humber Bridge Accident Today

The twitter account of Humber Bridge also announced this news, they wrote on there twitter account that “heavy traffi on the bridge northbound.” The road was reopened for the public at 10AM. The police near the Humble bridge said that in the accident which was taken place in the Humble Bridge, there were around 3 cars involved in that accident. But the good news is that no one is affacted or injured due to this sudden accident on Humber Bridge.

Humber Bridge Accident

The statement that no-one is injured in that accident was spoken by the spokeswomen of the police. Who were present there during this incident. She also said that “Officers were called to a report of a three-vehicle road traffic collision on the A15 Humber Bridge at 8.10am on Thursday, April 22, 2021.”

The official Twitter account of the Humber Bridge news tweeted that “UPDATE- the Northbound carriageway is now clear.” Its a good news for all the people’s who were at Humber Bridge. Or travelling through it.

The Humber Bridge news also tweeted that “Heavy traffic on the bridge Northbound due to ongoing RTC” it shows that everyone was safe but the heavy traffic is still going on Humber Bridge.

Current report of traffic system inrix on Humber Bridge. The Travel system Inrix has been suddenly reported that “A15 Humber Bridge Northbound partially blocked, slow traffic due to accident from A1077 Ferriby Road (Barton Upon Humber) to A164 (Humberfield Roundabout, Hessle).” We hope everyone will be safe and police will definitely handle this situation.


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