How Did Nadungamuwe Raja Die? Ceremonial Tusker Nadungamuwe Raja Passed Away at 69, Images

Nadungamuwa Raja the giant elephant which had carried the sacred relic casket of the Kandy Esala Perahera for most of the number of times. And now he has been died today’s morning and he lived around 69 years till now. Nadungamuwa Raja who was a elephant and his height is around 10.5 feet’s and he was also known as the biggest giant elephant of the Sri Lanka. He behaves like he was very friendly with humans and that’s why everyone is sad after he died. His care taker says that animals like elephants are very loyal to humans. Keep Visiting

Nadungamuwa Raja death

This special elephant has, his own guards as the government provided him total security because he was a majestic animal along main roads to attend temple festivals across the island. Nadungamuwa Raja was the unofficial treasure because he is one of the few elephant who was choosen to carry the sacred relic casket of the Esala Perahera.

How Did Nadungamuwe Raja Die?

This giant elephant always use to walk around 90 kilometres to the city of Kandy for the event, He walked 25 to 30 kilometres a day, travelling mostly at night when it is cooler. The pageant in August involves nearly 100 elephants and many more traditional dancers, fire-eaters and drummers, and is a key tourist attraction.

The animal doctors says that Nadungamuwa Raja was one of the sublime Sahanthakula. Raja’s tusks are particularly long and crossed, which is also a distinguishing feature. On top of that, he saw seven limbs, the legs, torso, tail and male organs – which touch the ground when he stands. These signs in his body makes him special from the other animals. Every animal lovers were giving their condolences to him. May his soul rest in peace.


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