How Did Melani Juarez Die? OnlyFans Model Found Murdered in Guesthouse With 14 Stab Wounds

Onlyfans model Melani Juarez, who has been found recently. At the time of her that she was 21 years old and she was found with 14 stabs on her body. It is pretty shocking and many people are searching for her. They want to know what happened to her. Melani Juarez’s neighbors had reported that they had not heard any sound neither they seen her for a long time.

Melani Juarez Cause of Death

Melani Juarez was a professional-only fans model she was a beautiful woman who was young. At the age of 21, she has left the world she has been stabbed to death in the guest house in Rosario, Argentina. As per the report we got to now there were at least 14 stabs on her body. Her family and friends informed police officers when they did not see her active on social media for more than 48 hours, she was staying in the guest house.

How Did Melani Juarez Die?

Where she has found in the guesthouse the lights for off and the TV was on at full volume. Her cellphone was missing from her guest house we got to know the model has been killed. The investigation is going on the authorities are finding out the culprit.

Only in the model, she had a huge fan following on social media sites and she was active there. Her family members are completely broken down and they are mourning over her sad demise, We express our deep condolences to the family and pray may her soul rest in peace.

Melani Juarez was living in the guest house for 6 months before her death she used to make most of the money from onlyfans which is an adult subscription site. Her family members are looking for justice they want the culprit to be caught as soon as possible we have not found so far any clue and any suspect information. Melani Juarez has a brother named Agustin who had the spare key of the guesthouse, and he was the first one to discover her body.

What Was Melani Juarez Cause of Death?

Prosecutor is on the mission to find out the killer, in her past, Melani Juarez used to work as a bicycle delivery person, we hope a guilty person would be caught soon. We are waiting for further information as soon as we find out we will let you know till then to stay connected on the same site.


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