MASSIVE: Fire Breaks Out in Building in Noida’s Sector 18, 4 Fire Brigade Teams Rushed

Monsterous visuals are coming from Uttar Pradesh’s Noida Sector-18 where a building has been set under fire. According to the source, a heinous fire broke out in a building in Noida Sector-18. Reportedly, people have been stirred up in Sector-18 of Noida after coming across this news. As Noida Sector-18 is one of the busiest sectors of the Noida district in UP it is very concerning for the people. What about the injuries and people in the building? A lot of details are still to be addressed. But still, we have gathered some imperative aspects related to fire breaks out in building in Noida Sector-18. So keep following this blog and take a look below. Drag down the screen. Keep Visiting

Fire Breaks Out in Building in Noida's Sector 18

Reportedly, a massive fire broke out on the second floor of a building in Sector-18 of Noida. Meanwhile, a total number of three fire tenders were dispatched immediately to the scene to extinguish the massive flames. What is the current status of the incident? Has the fire been extinguished?

Fire Breaks Out in Building in Noida’s Sector 18

Yes, the massive fire has been doused and extinguished by the respective teams. In addition, the situation is under control and all the emergency services have been dispatched to the scene. Police, medical teams, and rescue teams are present at the scene and taking all the essential steps to rescue people from the building safely. Any update regarding injury? Learn this in the next section.

Reportedly, the rescue team safely rescued as many as eight people from the building which was set on the fire. All the people present in the building have been brought safely and the situation also has been brought under control. What could be the reason for this massive fire? A lot of speculations are being made about the cause of the fire in the building.

Fire Breaks Out in Noida’s Sector 18 Photos

As of yet, the actual reason behind the massive fire is yet to be found. Currently, authorities and emergency teams are only focusing to rescue people and reducing the threat of fire by dousing the flames. Later it must be investigated what sparked this massive fire in the building. But at this point in time, no reason is known for the fire in the building of Noida Sector-18. It is being speculated that short-circuit of electricity in the building could also be the reason for this massive fire. More details are awaited. Stay tuned to this page.


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