Fiery Marshalltown Accident: Four Children Dead Following a Car Crash in Marshalltown

This is to inform you that four minors lost their lives in an accident that happened on Friday night in Marshalltown. Since this news broke out it is trending all over the internet. People are showing their concern for students. All the victims of the Marshalltown car accident were high school students. Reportedly, the Iowa State Patrol released a statement to reveal the names of the victims. What are the names of the students who died in Marshalltown after a car accident? There are several imperative questions that you should learn about in the below-placed section. Kindly scroll down the page and take a look below for more details. Keep Visiting

Car Crash

Reportedly, the crash happened in Marshalltown at 11:12 pm. In the accident, as many as four young victims were involved. Furthermore, it was reported that the car struck a utility pole which caused the vehicle to burst into flames which resulted in the catastrophes. All four victims were declared dead. What were the names of the victims? According to the report, the officers are looking into the matter to figure out how did the accident take place. Read further information in the further given section. Drag down the page.

Fiery Marshalltown Accident

Michael Tupper who is Marshalltown’s Chief of Police announced the identities of the students, Isacc Lara, 16, Yanitza Lopez, 17, Adrian Lara, 13, and Linette Lopez, 15. The district said, “The students lost include three Marshalltown High School students and one Miller Middle School student. Adrian and Isacc Lara were siblings as were Linette and Yanitza Lopez. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the students’ families, friends, and our entire school community.”

Marshalltown’s Chief of Police stated, “Our hearts go out to the Lara and Lopez families. This is a tragedy for our entire community. We know the community will stand strong in support of everyone affected.”

According to the reports, on Saturday at 6:30 om at St. Henry’s Church in Marshalltown at 211 West Olive Street a candlelight vigil was organized. Additionally, 2 Gofundme programs were also created to collect money for the families of the victims on Saturday morning. The Lara family’s Gofundme collected $10,090 and the Gofundme for the Lopez family collected $12,691 by Saturday morning. As per the reports, mental health support to the families and friends will provide by the district throughout the week. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.


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