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Fatuma Gedi, Wajir ladies’ advocate, presently asserts she wasn’t disappointed by a 2019 viral video professing to show her engaging in sexual relations. Gedi asserted that the video was made by a few male politician’s who believed her should be found in a negative light. Gedi said that her star on the political stage has only increased since the incident. Geddy said to the Sunday Standard that “some people sat down, paid a lot of cash to make this video so that they could let me down.” “There was a god there who refused to let it down. My star began to rise after that video.” Keep Visiting Grabuptrends.com

fatuma gedi video viral

Who Is Fatuma Gedi?

In a given Statment the lawmaker said that- the video had upset her and that her children might be able to see it without understanding the context. It cost me a lot. That’s not what you would expect from a woman. This video makes me feel emotional. She has tied ribbons around Eldas MP Aden Keynan and Abdihakim Mohammed from the Fafi constituency.

Isiolo MP Rehema Jaaldesa, her MP Wangui Ngirici, Kirinyaga. Geddy, no stranger to the controversy caused quite a stir when she arrived at the Houses of Parliament on Thursday, April 14th with a suitcase that she claimed contained evidence linking Vice-President William Ruto to the alleged land grab case.

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She caused an uproar rapidly when she rejected the ordinary accommodation of records to the National Assembly and on second thought decided to peruse a politically charged assertion. DP Ruto regrettably bought land in Trans Nzoia Wajir, Taita Tveta, and Nairobi areas. MPs guaranteed this at a gathering held Tuesday, April 12. “This is in the public space including a court request. William Ruto utilized the land and I have no statement of regret.

Justin Muturi, a representative for the company, was heard. Given Gedi’s remarks that she could give proof against DP Ruto, Speaker Muturi gave Speaker Muturi until Thursday at 2.30 pm to affirm her arrangement to the House of Representatives. “Recollect that you are the person who guarantees proof. Muthuri expressed that it isn’t normal for people’s to guarantee they will give proof in two days or less.

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“If the speaker permits me to speak about the whole issue, Kenyans can learn the truth about Ruto. She said that she had no selfish feelings towards Ruto and was concerned about Kenyans. The representative woman stated that she was still working on the case and promised to present evidence as soon as possible.

“I will still submit these documents. Geddy stated that there is still unfinished business and added that she had learned to accept criticism. “When I don’t see my name mentioned in positive or negative ways, I feel that something is wrong. The result is what is most important.”


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