Link: Tuerie Buffalo Video Viral on Social Media Reddit and Twitter Explained!

Here we are coming with some shocking news that we have to share to everyone. The news is dangerous as well as shocking. This incident has got viral soo much. Everyone wants to known more and more about this incident. This incident looks like a movie but trust me guys this is a real incident. Actually what happened in New York supermarket, people are curious and want more to known about this. so, go down and read complete article and you will get all your answer lets talk about the incident.

tuerie buffalo video leaked

The local officials and some witnesses from New York confirmed and says that a unknown man was came in store and suddenly he started opened fire at a superstore in Buffalo while livestreaming on Twitch, after that he killed at least more than 10 people and injured some people also.

Tuerie Buffalo Video Viral

After all this happened that man shared an online manifesto in that manifesto he described himself as a white supremacist. A 106 page manifesto posted an online by gunman in this post he explained that he was inspire by the conspiracy theory in that theory white people are being restore by some other races, he also said that he is 18 ,a self described white supremacist and prejudiced person. A lot of things are written in the documentation by the gunman.

BNO news is not allowing to publishing the document which is released by the gunman.
Its about 2:30 p.m. on Saturday at tops markets on Jefferson Avenue in Buffalo, New York, this incident was happened. After that, the police were called by someone, for an active shooter with a semi automatic rifle. After reached police were found many victims both inside and outside of the supermarket.

Who Is Tuerie Buffalo?

Buffalo Police Commissioner Joseph Gramaglia said that the shooter man had fired bullets outside earlier too, in which more than seven people have died. Police also said that that gunman was heavily armed also reveled that he was wearing military fatigues, and he was prepared to fight with the police.

During the investigation Gramaglia said that the security guard of the superstore was a retired police officer, when this incident happened the security guard shot the gunman, but the bullet didn’t work, because he was wearing armored plating. The commissioner also said that the gunman engaged our retire officer and he was shot him and deceased at the scene. He continued to shoot until he came before the police, after that the gunman put the gun to his own neck Gramaglia said that all police man convinced him to drop the gun before taking him to investigation.

Tuerie Buffalo Full Link Explained

Total in this attack thirteen people were shot, of which 10 died and rest of three other victims were taken to hospital for their treatment. As per sources, two of them are in critical condition and other suffered seriousness injury. “Everything we saw on livestreamed on twitch it’s look like a horror movie, but this is very upsetting to known that this all is real. it’s soo overpowering,” a police officer who saw it all with his own eyes said that statement to the reporters.

This live streaming recording on twitch showed many horrible scenes, such as a women who is coming to the super store was shot by gunman and other hand we saw many victims who was shot have fallen down on the floor of the supermarket.
I don’t known how can people be so cruel and kill so many innocent people. We just pray the rest souls of innocent people and also pray for those who are admitted the hospital get well soon. we will come back with some other trending news till then stay tuned.


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