Dog Was Shot 6 Times By Florida Police Officer After Barking Complaint Video Goes on Social Media

Recently one of the videos had gone viral on the internet and people are sharing that video on different social media platforms. Netizens are circulating that video and making it more viral. We will tell you the video is related to a person and a dog, the dog was shot more than 6 times because of barking at him. Often we deal with this problem in our daily routine but we do not kill any animal like this. Let’s find out all matters, who was that person and more.

Dog Was Shot 6 Times By Florida Police Officer

We would like to tell you a normal person did not shoot the dog, as per the report we got to know a police officer has shot six times at a family dog. This incident has taken place on Jan 12 at 7 p.m. unincorporated  Miami-Dade near Miami Gardens. The video was captured by the home surveillance cameras.

Dog Was Shot 6 Times By Florida Police

So far that officer’s name has not been identified we will let you know very soon as we can see he was standing in the driveway of the property as he has come to the address in response to a complaint about the dog barking.

After that, we see in the video that two dogs come nearby the police officers after that the officer takes his rifle out at the dog and he also urged the homeowner that please grab the dog. The dog started barking where the first officer was standing or fired six rounds in a quick session and killed the dog. When the dog owner reaches about the situation the woman started crying as soon as she sees the dog is dead.

Many people are reacting over this as they are saying the officer could have handled Persuasion in a better way. He could have kicked the dog before shooting at him and tried other things rather than shooting. It means officers were not properly trained for this.

The dog owner has also hired the attorney as they are angry and not fine with the actin of the police officer they are looking for legal action, let’s see what happens next. Some people have from their aggression who are animal lovers on the social media sites. We can see lots of comments and tweets for more latest updates keep visiting this site


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