Details: Who Is Axel Giovany Casseus and Why Was He Arrested? Connected To Overdoses Explained!

Florida cops have arrested a supposed street drug dealer Axel Giovany Casseus they say sold the fentanyl-laced cocaine to a few West Point cadets who ingested too much throughout a spring break trip this week. Axel Giovany Casseus, 21was jailed Saturday in lieu of $50,000 bail. As per the most recent reports, a presume who is supposed to be associated with the spring breakers’ gathering who ingested too much of cocaine with fentanyl has been distinguished as Axel Giovany Casseus matured 21. Keep Visiting

axel giavany casseus arrested

On Friday night (11 March), Casseus, of Lauderhill, close to Fort Lauderdale got captured in Wilton Manors, Florida, for purportedly offering cocaine to a secret official. In the wake of being captured, he was accused of one lawful offense count of dealing cocaine of under 200gs. He was kept at the Broward Main Jail and his bail was set at $50,000, according to the reports of The Sun-Sentinel.

Who Is Axel Giovany Casseus?

While in custody, Casseus admitted to selling drugs to the West Point cadets and his phone contained correspondence with them, authorities said, “Four cadets were taken to hospital. Of the six people involved, one person was not taken to hospital, and one was not a cadet. Five USMA cadets in total were involved. Two of the cadets remain hospitalized,” a West Point spokesman told The Post Saturday.

Till Sunday morning, three people’s stayed in the emergency clinic. Two of them were in not kidding condition and on ventilators. One more tolerant is accounted for to be in stable condition. A capture report acquired by The Sun-Sentinel states how the officials found the telephone, the suspect was utilizing to address the secret investigator, and furthermore one of the excess casualties had been in the ownership of the suspect.

Axel Giovany Casseus Arrested?

The victims have not been identified yet. The detectives were reached Casseus with the Broward County Drug Task Force through his mobile on Friday. The police reported that Casseus had sold 43gms of cocaine on Friday to an undercover officer who followed him back to the hotel.


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