Boombl4 drug Video Leaked Goes Viral on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Reddit Link

Nowadays, uncountable scandals are arriving on social media platforms and grabbing lots of attention from people. Every time, several videos went viral online and make the netizens curious to know more about them. All these footages always contain the subject of hot discussion for people, especially for those who come online on regular bases to scroll the daily feeds. Everyday, the viral videos become controversial topic about which everyone discuss online. Something similar has come again and this time, it is about the former NAVI captain Krill “Bombl4”. Let’s check out all the details about the captain and the reason why he is getting viral on the web. Keep Visiting

Who is boombl4 drug

According to the latest reports, the former NAVI captain Krill, also known as “Boombl4” Mikhailov has been accused of drug use by his wife named Rika “LiQueen” Mikhailov. Recently, he took to social media to revealed that he was being blackmailed by some photos and videos. Besides, all these allegation were by by the captain’s wife LiQueen on a social media platform, Telegram account. She shared a video on Telegram in which Boombl4 can be seen consuming white powder.

Boombl4 drug Video Leaked

LiQueen captioned the video by writing that her husband has become a complete drug addict and has been cheated on her more than once. She accused him of consuming drugs on daily basis. Later, she also revealed that he also made her addicted to the drugs. As soon as the video went viral on other social media platforms as well, it gathered lots of reactions of people who are continuously responding to this news. All his admirers are expressing their disappointment with him through social media platforms.

Apart from this, it was also reported that LiQueen and Boombl4 have comfirmed that they divorced each other after only 5 months of marriage. However, later, they both reconciled only after a few days. Boombl4 proposed to her wife on stage at the PGL Major Stockholm after the victory of NAVI over G2 Esports in the tournament finals.

Who is boombl4 drug Wife?

After the viral video, Boombl4 also responded to all allegations on Telegram and apologized to all his followers for everything that they got to know about him. He said that he is ashamed of all this. On 28 May, NAVI made an announcement revealed that Boombl4 has been suspended from the team citing high reputational risk to the club. If we will get any other details about the case, we will let you know till then stay tuned with us.


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