Bigg Boss 16 Latest Episode19th Nov 2022 Will Shalin Bhanot Leave The Show? Check Voting Results

Here we are going to share a written update of the most famous show Bigg Boss 16. This show will be very interesting and entertaining. You will see that Salman Khan will be on the set as always and he will take class of Shalin and MC Stan. He will scold them for their miss behave. You will see that he will scold Shalin that why is he waiting for his permission when Shalin says that if get the permission then he will tell Stan. Then Salman says him what is he expecting from him will he give permission to his life?

Bigg Boss 16

According to promo videos, Shalin says that he is very responsible. Shalin further says about the happened situation. You will see that Salman will say to stan that if he abuses anyone then he should the power to listen to abuse from others. Stan realizes his mistake then Salman asks he realised then if said sorry to him. Shalin says if Stan will stay here then he will leave the house. Salman says that no one has stooped him and he is free to go. He stands from his seat to go.

According to other promo videos, Teena argues with Shalin and she says that again she will tell this again. You will see Shalin says that he has been changed too much and he is not like this but he changed himself for others and after all this died. You will see that says that she used him and through him, in the dustbin and then she asks what she has used of him. You will see that people are provoking him against her. She says to Sambul that she was in pain but she came to him to calm him. She says that Sambul is playing Smartly.

She says that Sambul was saying to him just see who is his right friend or not. Teena says to Sambul she always comes between them and how can she say this to him he loves her. Teen says that she always takes advantage of their fight and she says that she gets happy and she loves this thing. She says that there is nothing like this and Teena asks her what has she done for him because she did for him in the confession room then Sambul asks her not to challenge her. You can watch the entire episode on Colors at 9:30.


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