Bigg Boss 16 4th January 2023 Written Update, Stan and Archana Fight in BB16 House

Here we are going to share a written update with you on the famous show Bigg Boss 16. This show is running with the great TRP on television. This show has gained big popularity among people and all the fans wait for the next episode. This show is also a very famous show on television. We have seen in the show that all the contestants have played amazingly and they have made their fans. All the participants are too good in the show and they are doing great in the show. Here we will share all the highlights of the famous show. Let’s continue the article to gain all the details about the news.

Bigg Boss 16 Written Update

On the basis of the promo videos, the show will be very interesting and entertaining. You will see that Bigg Boss will take a meeting in the hall and he will tell that the horn will ring from time to time. He will tell about the process of the new captain. He tells that three balls will come from each slide and the whoever basket has more balls that candidate will be the winner. You will Suandarya will also catch balls amazingly.

Bigg Boss 16 Written Update

You will see that Shalin will collect the balls and he put the ball in the basket of Priyanka. You will see that Sajid will ask Priyanka and Abdu to come out. However, Priyanka argues and says that what Sanchalak will says they have to do this. Priyanka will ask him not to make an atmosphere of cheating.

He says that he is not cheating like them all. Teena says that he should not talk about cheating. She says he is changing the rules then he says that he is Sanchalak so he can do this. You will see in the show that Shiv and Abdu will enjoy themselves together and they will do Masti with each other.

Abdu will wear the towel he will behave like a girl and will introduce himself Abdulila. This will be very interesting to watch. You will see that Stain is the time for volunteer exit and the Sajit will ask why is he taking volunteer exit and ask him to slap. The stain stands to slap and then Shiv tries to stop him and asks him if he is out of his mind. This episode will be thrilling. You can watch the entire episode on Colors at 9 Pm. Stay tuned for more updates.


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