Bank Manager From Rajasthan Shot Dead in Kulgam CCTV Footage Video Viral on Internet

Recently, a piece of shocking news is coming news into the headlines and grabbing the attention of everyone. It is about a murder case of a bank manager. Yes, you read it right that a bank manager was shot to death by terrorists in the Kulgam district of Jammu Kashmir. The news of his murder has been going viral on the internet as well. People are shocked after getting the news. They are mourning the death and are also praying for his family members. People have been looking for more details about the incident. So here, you will get all the needed details about the murder case. Keep Visiting

Bank manager from Rajasthan shot dead in Kulgam

According to the reports, a bank manager named Vijay Kumar was shot to death by terrorists in Jammu Kashmir’s Kulgam district. It was the second targeted attack on Hindus in the Valley of the 3 days. He was serving as a bank manager at Ellaqie Dehati Bank at Areh Mohanpora in the Kulgam district. The news went viral on the web and received huge responses from people. After getting to know about the shooting, people have been sharing their thoughts through social media platforms.

Bank Manager From Rajasthan Shot Dead

This incident has become a topic of debate on several television channels where many people have been discussing their points regarding the incident. It has been reported that the bank manager of Elaqahi Dehati Bank, Vijay Kumar was attacked by the terrorists inside his branch. He was immediately taken to the hospital but unfortunately, he died on the way to the hospital. He was a resident of the Hanumngarh district in Rajasthan and had recently joined his post in Kulgam. He was a young man who left the world so soon.

The police reported that the area where the incident took place has been closed. Now, the police are making efforts to track down the terrorists who were behind the attack. The incident occurred just two days after a Hindu teacher, Rajni Bala from Jammu Kashmir was killed by the terrorists outside a school in Kulgam.

Bank Manager From Rajasthan CCTV Footage

The murder of the bank manager happened within a day of two major incidents in the Shopian district. The families of the victims have been going through a tough time. The Chief Minister, Ashok Gehlot expressed his sorrow over the deaths. If we will get any other updates regarding the incident, we will let you know for sure.


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