ALB vs ZAR Dream11 Prediction Live Score Lineup Albacete vs Zaragoza La Liga 2 Scorecard

Here we are going to share the news with you that the upcoming football match is ALB vs ZAR. This match is going to be amazing and entertaining. This match will be played on  7th December 2022. The match will be held between superb teams Albacete and Zaragoza (ALB vs ZAR). The match will be played in the famous league La Liga 2. This match will be played with their superb and magical style of gameplay. Here we will share all the crucial details in this article, including Lineup, date, time, and other details as well. let’s contour the article. Keep Visting


According to the mentioned details, the match will be superb as their previous team and it will be very interesting and thrilling. In team ALB, Bernabe Barragan will play as a Goal Keeper for his team. The defender of the team will be Alvaro Rodriguez. Maikel Mesa will handle the position of Mid-Fielder in the upcoming match for his team. In team ZAR, Alvaro Raton will play as a Goal Keeper for his team. The Defender will be Alejandro Frances. The position of Mid-Fielder will be handled by Radoslav Petrovic. Let’s take a look at the details of the match.

Details of the match:

  • Teams – Albacete vs Zaragoza (ALB vs ZAR)
  • Date – 7th December 2022
  • Time – 01:30 AM (IST)
  • League – La Liga 2
  • Venue – Estadio Carlos Belmonte

Possible players:

ALB possible players:

1.Bernabe Barragan, 2. Alvaro Rodriguez, 3. Flavien Boyomo, 4. Mohamed Djetei, 5. Julio Alonso, 6. Sergi Maestre, 7. Riki Rodriguez, 8. Maikel Mesa, 9. Manu Fuster, 10. Jonathan Dubasin, 11. Higinio Marin

ZAR possible players:

1.Alvaro Raton, 2. Alejandro Frances, 3. Lluis Lopez-Marmol, 4. Fran Gamez, 5. Gabriel Fuentes, 6. Sergio Bermejo, 7. Valentin Vada, 8. Radosav Petrovic, 9. Jaume Grau, 10. Giuliano Simeone, 11. Victor Mollejo

People are curious to know about the injured players. Let us tell you the teams have not shared about the injured players. The weather will be clean and there is no chance of rain. The match will be telecasted on Fancode and you can watch it comfortably.

The match will be superb because both teams have good players and they will entertain the audience. If we talk about their previous performances so both teams have played well in previous matches. ALB has won 1 game and they have lost 0 games and the draw is 0. On the other hand, ZAR won 1 match and lost 0 and the draw is 0. ALB has a better chance of winning the match against ZAR. Let’s see which team will win the game and what will happen next in the game. Stay tuned for more updates.


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