12-year-old Fires Gun During Gas Station Robbery Video Goes Viral on Social Media

Currently, a video has been surfacing on the web and receiving huge attention from people. Yes, we are talking about a video of a bold 12 years old boy who fired a shot while robbing a gas station in Michigan. This news has left everyone shocked. The news of the 12 years old boy has been circulating all over the internet. The incident took place on Wednesday afternoon. People have been sharing their reactions after watching the video online. The boy is under police custody right now. People are searching to know more about the incident. Here, you will get some essential details about the incident. Keep Visiting Grabuptrends.com

Video shows brazen 12-year-old boy fire shot

As per the reports, a video of the incident surfaced online that showed an armed 12-year-old boy who was robbing a gas station in Michigan and fired a shot when he was questioned by a confused clerk. The clerk asked, “are you serious?” The boy told the officers that he had not done it for the money, after being arrested by them. The incident took place in broad daylight at around 4 pm on Wednesday at Marathon gas station in Hartford.

12-year-old Fires Gun During Gas Station Robbery

Lt. Mike Prince told TV station WZZM 13 that he said he would have thrown the money into the sewer. He would not give them any explanation about why he did that. In the viral video, the child can be seen standing and waiting in a queue behind a customer at the counter before he talked to the clerk and demanded money, she gave the cash to him. He then asked her to put the money in the bag, as he took out a handgun from his backpack.

The female clerk, appalled, and asked him “What” ahead of the boy repeated his demand. She asked “Are you serious?” In replied, the 12 years old boy took the gun and pointed it out towards the ceiling and fired a shot as a warning. The clerk shivered in fear. She screamed saying “OK”, and got the money bag from behind the counter.

She then told the boy, “Here. Get out. Bye. Take it,” as she put the bag into his backpack. He then recklessly left the front of the shop before allegedly running away. The police reported that the 12 years old boy went to the school that day and had a word with a classmate about which gas station would be the good and easiest to rob in town. If we will get more details about the incident, we will let you know for sure. Stay tuned with us for more updates.


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